Welcome to the LUA Reference HC2 WikiEdit

If you are searching for the reference guide to program the Fibaro Home Center 2 in LUA.  You have come to the right place!  Welcome!

What this wiki is about...Edit

This wiki wants to be the reference for all information about programming in LUA on the Fibaro Home Center 2. Feel free to add, edit, complete information in this wiki. Only by doing this with as many as possible we will get a complete reference.

Be aware that this a community supported Wiki. This is not an initiative of Fibaro and is only a temporary solution until Fibaro finds the resources to update their official website.  The contributing members of this Wiki do not take any responsability in the consequences of using the information in this Wiki.

Where to start Edit

A good place to start is this one page overview where you can find all the fibaro unique lua functions.

Latest activityEdit

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